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  • Anxiety and Couples Therapy in Syracuse, NY

    Are you tired of being anxious

    Do you find yourself consistently overwhelmed? Do you find your anxious thinking pattern impacts your ability to be present or have meaningful relationships? Have you attempted to solve your own anxiety or relationship issues and felt like there was no hope.

    We believe you can make the changes you desire with our help.

    Anxiety and Couples Therapy Services

    We are specialists not generalists.

    We pride ourselves in being trained in the modalities to help you overcome your anxiety and relationship issues through our mental health services.

    We help clients to identify faulty and negative anxious thinking patterns and develop tools to assist you to reframe and manage your thoughts with the use of cognitive behavioral techniques. Our couples learn relationship building and conflict resolution skills through the use of proven Gottman evidence-based interventions. 

    Telehealth services available throughout New York and New Jersey
    We provide culturally sensitive care by highlighting the importance of your unique story and tailoring your therapy goals to meet your specific needs.

    We use evidence-based approaches to empower, support and encourage clients to find their voice, identity and navigate life on their terms. 

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